Why Excavate Your Lawn in West Seattle?

lawn excavation West SeattleMost small-scale lawn projects are fully doable for homeowners, such as replacing a small patch of turf. You can complete this type of project with a shovel and some grunt work. However, more extensive remodeling work may require lawn excavation

Altering Lawn Shape

Excavation is required for altering the height of the lawn. Some homeowners prefer a flat lawn for consistency while others prefer a lawn with varying slopes and height. You can, for example, excavate the lawn to add rolling hills. This has the functional benefit of controlling water flow and directing it away from the foundation.

Incorporating Decorative Elements

Excavating can make the lawn more compatible for the addition of valleys, swoops, small waterfalls, and fenced-in gardens. Aside from the curb appeal, excavation also improves lawn health. Landscapers can refit the excavated lawn with more durable soil that’s resistant to weather and pests. Poor soil quality results in less lush plants and greater risk of damage to the foundation.

Protecting the Foundation

As we mentioned earlier, excavation can create a sloped lawn that keeps water away from the foundation. Water can cause soil expansion and contraction, causing the foundation above the soil to shift and eventually split apart. A foundation repair service may require excavation before it can proceed with foundation remediation.

Increasing Home Value

Excavation can restore certain areas that have degraded over the years. You can also install additions that contribute to the property value. This may include various masonry and rockeries. Minor excavation may also be necessary for the installation of a sprinkler system or drainage system.

Lawn Excavation for Residential Property

We can excavate your lawn, including sections containing concrete or other forms of hard surfaces. Let Eagle Rock Landscaping assess your property and determine whether lawn excavation is necessary for the desired renovations. 

Residential Lawn Excavation in West Seattle

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