Landscape Grading in Burien: Does Your Yard Need It?

landscape grading BurienMost homeowners don’t consider landscape grading, but it may be necessary for preventing foundation damage. How does grading work, and is it an invasive procedure that completely upturns my lawn? Find out how the process works.

What Is Landscape Grading?

Grading is the process of re-leveling an area of land. This is usually necessary if your property rests on a slope with your home on the bottom end of the slope. This causes water to flow and puddle around the border of the home. The water seeps into the soil beneath the foundation. The soil begins to expand and shift the foundation, causing the concrete to crack apart. The presence of water also creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Grading rearranges the slope so water is directed away from the home. It may also be required before other additions like rockeries and concrete can be added.

How Grading Works

Some light excavation work is done to remove the topsoil. The soil below is graded to the optimal level. New irrigation lines may also be installed before the topsoil is put back in place. The technician may also lay down a geogrid to help the grass reestablish its roots. To further improve drainage, the technician may also recommend the installation of a French or channel drain.

Does Your Lawn Need Grading?

You may actually be able to feel if the lawn is uneven just by standing on it. You should also inspect the home exterior after rainfall. Does water form close to the home and remain for several hours or even days?

We Do Residential Grading in Burien

Grading is often a necessary first step for preventing prolonged water damage. Puddles should not be forming around a healthy lawn. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping to have a technician assess whether your lawn requires landscape grading

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