Ideas for a Multi-Level Yard in Burien

multi-level yard burienOne way to improve your yard that’s seldom explored is to add multi-tiered walls and terraces. This can be done with some hardscaping and the addition of some retaining walls. Let’s explore the viability of a multi-level yard and how it can beautify your lawn.

Tips Before Building

Before undertaking this project, check your local city ordinances. Some local jurisdictions may require a permit if you’re adding levels to the outdoor portion of your property. The same goes if your residence is part of a homeowner’s association. Any expansion should also steer clear of underground tree roots, wiring, and piping.

Two-Level Deck

Make your deck two levels with the second deck just slightly elevated and reachable with a two- to three-step staircase. The first floor can be the gathering area with the furniture and fire pit. The second floor is the food-prep area with the grill and outdoor kitchen island.

Raised Garden Beds

Add a few retaining walls or rockeries with a built-in garden bed. Freely experiment with different plant and flower species. These hardscape walls also provide a nice visual cue for dividing the outdoor area into sections. With some excavation, you can create different levels in the yard, with the levels sectioned off by the raised garden beds.

Secluded Patio

Slope your lawn so it grades downward with the center of the area being the lowest point. Make this area the focal point complete with furniture and outdoor accessories. This gives the space an ambiance of seclusion. Make the feel more complete with concrete stone steps leading in and out of this focal point.

We’ll Help You Create a Multi-Level Yard in Burien

There are endless possibilities with diverse combinations that include retaining walls, concrete and hardscaping options. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for lawn renovations; a multi-level yard is one way to add an awe-inspiring touch. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Hardscaping for a Multi-Level Yard in Burien

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