Landscape Lighting Ideas for your Des Moines Property

landscape lighting des moinesCurb appeal makes up a huge part of your home’s value and allure. When night falls, though, the visual charm is obscured by darkness. This is where landscape lighting comes in. Aside from keeping the landscape visible, it also provides safety for people entering and exiting the premises. 

1. Wall Washing

Wall washing is a lighting technique in which lights are used to light walls and landscape features, making them focal points. This is a terrific idea if you have hardscaping features and rockeries you want to stand out and illuminate during the evening.

2. In-Ground Lighting

In-ground lighting is a viable alternative to bright floodlights. Floods light up the entire area and can ruin the appeal of certain features you want as focal points. In-ground lighting is more subtle, and you can use multiple units to light up concrete walkways or other features you want to highlight.

3. Solar Lamps

Solar lamps have the obvious benefit of not contributing to your electric bill. These lights softly illuminate during the night hours without having to switch them on and off. Solar lamps come in a variety of styles, ranging from lamp posts to outdoor chandeliers. 

4. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights hang from the roof eaves. We suggest moving away from the typical indoor pendant lights and aiming for nature-inspired materials, such as rattan or burled wood. 

5. Hurricane Candles

Hurricane candles are traditional candles enclosed inside a glass casing to protect the flame from the wind. This adds a cozy and intimate setting.

Add Landscape Lighting to Your Des Moines Home Renovation

When the sun goes down, light up the exterior of your home just as you would the interior. Call Eagle Rock Landscaping for a range of outdoor renovation services including excavation and landscape lightingContact us today for a consultation.

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