Outdoor Renovation Resolutions for Kent Homeowners in 2021

outdoor renovation resolutions kentEven when New Year’s resolutions include home improvement, the focus is usually on the interior. In 2021, why not make outdoor renovation resolutions to enhance your property’s curb appeal? We share some ideas for beautifying your lawn or patio.

Add Entertainment Features

Make the outdoor area the focal point for family and guest entertainment. Consider additions like an outdoor kitchen or firepit. Contemplate the use of stonewalls as a border and complementing these fixtures with wall caps. Optimize the area for food prepping, eating and socializing.

Improve the Existing Landscape

For more extensive changes, have the area completely excavated to add a slope or a miniature cliff. Yard regrading has the functional benefit of allowing sufficient water runoff. On the aesthetic front, introduce new materials to the scenery, such as rockeries, organic mulch, edging stones and garden walls.

Add a Vegetable Garden

Learning to grow your own vegetables is a great hobby to begin for the New Year. Becoming self-sufficient is especially important in the middle of a pandemic. You never want to be 100% reliant on your local grocery store or other external supplier. For smaller lawns, consider a garden bed, or beds that you can line alongside the wall.

Spend More Time Outside

Even if you decide not to make any changes, then at least make a resolution to spend more time in the outdoor area. This has tremendous physical and psychological benefits. For one, the sun exposure naturally elevates vitamin D production in the body. If you’re working from home, a short break outside is a terrific way to rejuvenate. 

Let Us Help with Your Outdoor Renovation Resolutions in Kent

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Outdoor Renovation Resolutions in Kent

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