Boost Your Outdoor Area with These Retaining Wall Benefits in Seattle

retaining wall benefits seattleRetaining walls certainly look nice, especially when they’re made from stone or other masonry. The perks, though, go well beyond the visual charm. The retaining wall benefits from a functional perspective are aplenty. Let’s examine some of these advantages in greater detail.

Flood Control

Seattle receives moderate rainfall, though sometimes it’s enough to cause a mild flood on residential property. This can lead to soil erosion and cracks in the concrete. Soil erosion is especially problematic if you don’t have trees on your property where the roots can hold the soil in place. For added flood protection, retaining walls can be designed with a drainage system in place to shuttle water to an outlet pipe just outside the property.

Optimize Landscape Space

Retaining walls give you more options to utilize your lawn to full capacity. For example, you can use the walls to create terraced areas for planting flowers. You can also use the top portion of the wall as a makeshift garden bed. For bigger lawns, retaining walls can act as a divider for creating separate sections, perhaps an area for barbecuing and another spot for social gathering.

Provide a Boundary Marker

Even if you have a fence, retaining walls may further establish the boundary between your property and public space. Unless you already have a fully-private fence, retaining walls can enhance privacy in certain sections of your lawn.

Are you part of a homeowner’s association? You may have to get permission from the management before you’re permitted to install retaining walls on your property perimeter.

Make Use of These Retaining Wall Benefits in Seattle

These retaining wall benefits improve your home in more ways than one. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping to enhance your residence with the latest trends in modern landscaping. Our rockeries and masonries will make your property the highlight of the neighborhood. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Retaining Wall Benefits for Your Seattle Home

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