Benefits of Water Features for Your Des Moines Home Hardscaping Project

water features des moinesWhile a birdbath or small pond may be the first idea you have when you think about landscaping and water features, there are actually several ways to incorporate this kind of asset into your plans. From waterfalls to fountains, the benefits of water features can transform your property.

Increase the Peace

For many people, the sound of moving water is soothing, so adding a fountain or waterfall to your property may do more for you than just look pretty. If a fountain isn’t feasible, excavating for ponds or other still water features may also be calming.

Overcome Nearby Noise

Landscaping elements such as a waterfall spilling over rocks or poured concrete surfaces into a small pool can drown out the sound of a busy intersection nearby and create an oasis in your yard. It can also minimize the noise you hear from loud neighbors whether you live in a residential area or one that’s near commercial properties.

Improve Curb Appeal

Water features deliver a dynamic element to your landscaping and hardscaping designs. They elevate the appearance of your home’s exterior and add luxury. They may also expand your options for increasing the plants and flowers in your yard. For some property owners, water features may increase property value, too.

Are You Interested in Water Features for Your Home in Des Moines?

Eagle Rock Landscaping offers clients a wide range of services to beautify your home’s exterior as well as multiple ways to improve access. From concrete for patios and staircases to rockeries and retaining walls, our expert team uses only the latest equipment to install the landscaping and hardscaping designs to enhance your property. Contact us today and discover how a water feature can improve your overall enjoyment of your property and serve as a great long-term investment, too.


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