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hardscaping renovations SeattleYou have probably heard of landscaping. This is the process of renovating your yard or patio. You can also improve these outdoor areas through hardscaping renovations. This is something more homeowners in Seattle are gravitating towards. What is hardscaping and how does this enhance your home exterior?

What Is Hardscaping?

Landscaping and hardscaping are similar, and there are definitely overlaps. Here’s the difference: hardscaping pertains to any non-living components of a landscaping project. This includes elements like wooden decks, rails, stone fountains, retainer walls, and rockeries. It does not include bio-elements like grass and shrubbery.

Hardscaping renovations can also include makeovers of areas like the front porch or driveway. More homeowners are considering concrete or deck projects in these areas of the property. The reason for the trend is that most hardscaping elements are easier to maintain. They don’t require watering, for example.

Is DIY Hardscaping Doable?

Some homeowners may be tempted to perform their own hardscaping projects. However, keep in mind the majority of major renovation work requires professional installation. Most projects require extensive excavation and other preparation work that require commercial tools and industry expertise.

If you really wish to try your hand at outdoor DIY projects, there is some light remodeling work you can do. Examples include adding patio furniture. Other ways include:

  • Pouring gravel or mulch to cover bare soil
  • Resurfacing existing brickwork
  • Incorporating ground-level lighting fixtures

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