Why Excavate Your Lawn in West Seattle?

lawn excavation West SeattleMost homeowners can make small changes to the lawn without professional assistance. This may include minor modifications like rearranging the patio furniture. However, more extensive renovations may require lawn excavation. Find out what types of projects require excavation work.

Altering Lawn Shape

You will require excavation if you need to change the lawn’s height. Some homeowners may have a sloped landscape and desire a flat lawn. For other homeowners, having a slope adds depth and more creative decorative schemes. Having a slope may also be functionally beneficial, as it allows water to naturally flow away from the home foundation and prevents water ponding.

Incorporating Decorative Elements

Excavating can make way for some lavish designs, such as rockeries like waterfalls and stone retaining walls. You can also create a beautiful landscape for additions like a fenced-in garden. Excavation can also be done to refit the ground with better soil quality that’s less compact and more resistant to adverse weather and pests.

Protecting the Foundation

As mentioned earlier, excavation can create a sloped landscape that draws water away from the foundation. This deserves a second mention because water ponding around the home is the number one cause of foundation erosion. Water causes the soil to expand and contract, in turn causing the foundation to shift and eventually split apart. Water can also cause other concrete floors around the lawn to crack.

Increasing Property Value

Excavation can restore certain areas with visible signs of damage. This can increase the property’s value should you decide to put the home on the market. A real estate agent may require minor excavation work, so necessary systems like a sprinkler and irrigation system can be installed. 

Lawn Excavation for Residential Property in West Seattle

Have an exterior renovation plan in mind? The plan may require lawn excavation work. In this case, leave it to Eagle Rock Landscaping to renovate your outdoor property with new additions that enhance curb appeal.

Residential Lawn Excavation in West Seattle

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