Hardscape Grading Near Burien: Does Your Yard Need It?

landscape grading BurienMost homeowners considering an exterior renovation are probably unfamiliar with landscape grading. However, this may be an essential service that optimizes lawn and home health. Learn how grading works and why you should consider it as part of a greater property renovation. 

What Is Landscape Grading Near Burien?

Grading is the process of re-leveling a parcel of land. This is usually necessary if the home rests on the low end of a slope. The problem here is that water from rain flows down the slope and rests on your home foundation. Over time, this causes the soil to repeatedly contract and expand, in turn causing the foundation to shift. Eventually, the foundation cracks and splits apart. Water puddling can also damage concrete surfaces. 

Grading levels the surface so water isn’t directed towards the house. Some landscapers may recommend or require grading before other services like rockery installation can be done.

How Grading Works

Light excavation is done to remove the topsoil. The soil beneath is graded to even out the surface. Before reinstalling the topsoil, landscapers may perform additional work, such as adding irrigation systems or geogrids. Depending on the layout of your property, the contractor may also suggest channel or French drain installations. 

Does Your Lawn Require Grading?

A slope may not be visibly apparent. However, you may be able to feel the uneven ground by standing on certain parts of the lawn. You can also inspect the exterior after heavy rain. Are there water puddles forming around the perimeter of the home? If so, grading may be in order.

We Do Residential Grading Near Burien

Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for an in-person evaluation. Upon surveying your land, our contractor will determine whether landscape grading for your Burien property is required before further renovation work can be done. 

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