Retaining Wall Repair or Replacement in North Seattle?

retaining wall repair or replacement near North SeattleYour retaining wall may show signs of wear and tear. You suspect repairs may be needed. However, it may cross your mind that the damage is beyond repair, and a complete replacement is in order. This leaves you with the question: retaining wall repair or replacement for my North Seattle residence? Learn when each scenario is the best option.

When Repair Is Best

The signs that indicate you need repairs vary depending on the retaining wall material. if it composes mainly of concrete, then signs include visible cracks and crumbling. The same applies to retaining walls made of brick or rockery. There may also be slight leaning, an indicator that the wall is gradually losing its structural support. If you have timber retaining walls, then signs of damage include warping and boring holes from termites. 

When Replacement Is Best

There are instances when the retaining wall is worn beyond what any repair can reasonably fix. A telltale sign is excessive leaning. A section of the wall looks like it could completely crumble at any moment.

Damage from Trees

Retaining walls can also become damaged from protruding tree roots. In this instance, the wall may need to be replaced, but not before the tree is uprooted by a professional arborist. It’s possible some excavation work may be required.

Need Retaining Wall Repair or Replacement Near North Seattle?

Whether you need retaining wall repair or replacement for your Seattle home, that’s ultimately for a professional contractor to decide. Contact the team at Eagle Rock Landscaping for a consultation. An in-person inspection will determine the best course of action.

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