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Do you need a retaining structure on your land to keep erosion at bay or provide extra room for planting flowers and shrubs? Here are some retaining wall ideas if this is a hardscape feature you’re thinking about for your Ballard residence. This helps you maximize the most of your investment from both a functional and cosmetic standpoint.

You Need Stability

Soil erosion occurs for several reasons. One cause is due to the soil’s composition and its interaction with the elements. If the soil type is prone to erosion, then a retaining wall can assist in keeping the soil firmly in place. This is especially the case if the soil rests on a slope.

You Need It to Look Nice

While a retaining wall’s main purpose is to hold the soil in place, it has the added benefit of looking nice. The landscaper can work with you to create a retaining wall using a number of materials, ranging from flagstone to concrete blocks. Find a style that matches your preference as it relates to appearances.  

You Need It to Last

Most important of all, a retaining feature has to be sturdy enough to last upwards of decades. It also has to be able to withstand the outdoor elements, whether that entails scorching heat or winter snow. A well-built retaining wall requires minimal maintenance and can last for 40 to 50 years, depending on the material.

Ready For Help With Retaining Wall Ideas Near Ballard?

Eagle Rock Landscaping has the required expertise and tools of the trade to install retaining walls that satisfy the above parameters. Our services are wide-ranging and include rockeries and excavation work to give your property exterior the look and function befitting of your needs. We can provide additional retaining wall ideas to help you achieve your dream outdoor landscape.

Creative Retaining Wall Ideas with Reliable Execution Near Ballard

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