How to Select a Reliable Rockery Contractor Near Magnolia

rockery contractor near MagnoliaDo you have plans to renovate the exterior part of your home? If plans include a major renovation of the lawn or patio, then hardscape features like retaining walls and stone masonry are good choices due to their curb appeal and low maintenance. It begins with hiring a rockery contractor near Magnolia. Here are the traits of a dependable remodeling service.

An Existing Portfolio

A reputable contractor should have an existing portfolio of past work. The company should have a website with photos from actual prior clients. This includes before and after pictures, with the after pictures showing the final stone masonry post-installation. The company’s website should contain a gallery page highlighting the workmanship. If not, you can call the company directly to request pics.

Positive Testimonials

The company or contractor should have accrued enough clients over the years to have a handful of reviews. The reviews don’t have to be all positive and rosy but should lean heavily towards customers expressing satisfaction with the final results. 

Warranty Program

There should be a warranty or customer satisfaction guarantee clause written into the contract. This ensures that further work can be performed if the final work isn’t on par with industry standards. Carefully read the contract and review the warranty or guarantee clause. Understand when the warranty can and can’t go into effect.

Need a Legitimate Rockery Contractor Near Magnolia?

2024 is not far off. Have you considered a home makeover as part of a New Year resolution? Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping to set up an in-person consultation with a rockery contractor near Magnolia. We perform a number of hardscaping services, from concrete installation to excavation. Schedule an appointment today.

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