Is a Retaining Wall a Good Investment Near Ballard?

retaining wall near BurienWith 2024 here, now is the time to think of resolutions pertaining to your residence. A good idea is to make the outdoor living area more functional, or at least more presentable from a cosmetic standpoint. One way you can do this is through the use of retaining walls and other stone features. Find out how and why a retaining wall near Burien is a good investment for your property.

Retaining Walls Are in Demand

More prospective home buyers are searching for properties with existing retaining walls. The reason is due to the purpose the wall serves. It’s a barrier that keeps soil in place and offsets soil erosion. This is especially important for home buyers planning major renovations for the yard and patio.

It Can Add Value

Retaining walls add to the home’s value, though the valuation can vary drastically depending on the retaining wall’s location and size/style. An appraisal from a realtor can determine the value of an existing retaining wall or one that’s pending construction.

Your Real Estate Agent May Recommend It

If your property is located in a sloped area, your real estate agent may recommend installing a retaining wall before putting the property on the market. This is necessary to reduce erosion. This makes the home as a whole more functional and thereby more attractive to buyers.

The Cosmetic Factor

Even if home buyers aren’t considering the functional aspects, the visual presence of a retaining wall will surely wow them from the curb appeal alone. The plain truth is that retaining walls look fantastic, and homeowners can use the fixture as a base for all sorts of further decorations. 

Need a Retaining Wall Near Burien?

Let Eagle Rock Landscaping be your go-to team for a retaining wall installation near Burien. We can provide further outdoor enhancements through rockeries and other excavation work. Call us for a consultation today!

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