Do You Need Rockery Replacement in North Seattle?

rockery replacement in North SeattleRockeries are made up of various stonework on your patio or lawn. This includes fountains, retaining walls, stone steps, and other hardscaping features. Naturally, stone elements can last many years and withstand natural elements. Nevertheless, they do wear with age. Learn to recognize the signs you may need rockery replacement for your North Seattle property.

Foundation Damage

Does the base of the stonework appear cracked or fractured? The base is the foundation; if it gives way, the entire structure will collapse. If the foundation is visibly damaged, the entire structure may need replacing. However, it’s also possible to replace just the base and salvage the rest of the stonework.

Old Age

Have you ever repaired or replaced the stone structure? Perhaps the stonework was already there when you originally moved into the property. In any case, if the rockery is several decades old, then it may be time for replacement. A professional hardscaper can assess the condition and determine whether replacement or repairs are in order.

Drainage Issues

Does water pond around the rockeries after a long rain spell? Every time this happens, the water seeps into the stone or concrete foundation. This can lead to expansions and contraction, leading to cracks and fractures. Drainage issues are especially damaging to retaining walls. If severe enough, water-induced damage to the retaining wall’s base can lead to a complete collapse.

Entrust Us with Rockery Replacement in North Seattle

Do you suspect it’s time for rockery replacement for your North Seattle property? It’s best to leave the examination and subsequent repair/replacement work to the pros at Eagle Rock Landscaping. We provide extensive masonry work, including the installation of new hardscaping features, as well as any required excavation work to meet drainage requirements. 

Professional Rockery Replacement

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