Why Hire a Hardscape Contractor Near Issaquah?

hardscape contractor near Issaquah

Why Hire a Hardscape Contractor Near Issaquah?

Do you have plans to change the appearance of your lawn? A hardscape is a great approach if your main aim is a lawn requiring minimal maintenance. However, this requires a professional hardscape contractor. Learn the advantages of a hardscape making up most of your outdoor property and how this can benefit your Issaquah home.

Minimal Upkeep

As mentioned, hardscape lawns require very little maintenance. Hardscapes are composed mainly of hard features, such as rocks, stone, and masonry. There’s little foliage that requires watering, pruning, mowing, or mulching. Most plants that are present usually consist of native plants. Most of your maintenance requirements are limited to the occasional cleaning and reorganizing.

Diverse Styles

A hardscape contractor can renovate your lawn with various design options. This includes masonry, fountains, rockeries, etc. If you do choose to incorporate some form of plants and shrubbery, they’re limited to small areas and serve more as focal points. Mix and match decorative elements as you please. 

Save Money

An outdoor hardscape can actually save you money. You cut back on costs here and there. For example, most lawn surfaces consist of gravel and pebbles. There are zero or fewer land areas containing grass or shrubbery that require fertilizer, mulch, etc. While the cost for these supplies may be minimal, they do add up over time.

Need a Hardscape Contractor Near Issaquah?

Spring is right around the corner. This is a good time to hire a hardscape contractor and bring some new visuals to your yard. At Eagle Rock Landscaping, our crew performs hardscaping work, from retaining wall installation to excavation to improve drainage issues. Contact us today for an in-person assessment of your lawn.

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