Landscape Grading Near Burien: Does Your Yard Need It?

landscape grading BurienMost homeowners considering an exterior renovation are probably unfamiliar with landscape grading. However, this may be an essential service that optimizes lawn and home health. Learn how grading works and why you should consider it as part of a greater property renovation. 

What Is Landscape Grading Near Burien?

Grading is the process of re-leveling a parcel of land. This is usually necessary if the home rests on the low end of a slope. The problem here is that water from rain flows down the slope and rests on your home foundation. Over time, this causes the soil to repeatedly contract and expand, in turn causing the foundation to shift. Eventually, the foundation cracks and splits apart. Water puddling can also damage concrete surfaces. 

Grading levels the surface so water isn’t directed towards the house. Some landscapers may recommend or require grading before other services like rockery installation can be done.

How Grading Works

Light excavation is done to remove the topsoil. The soil beneath is graded to even out the surface. Before reinstalling the topsoil, landscapers may perform additional work, such as adding irrigation systems or geogrids. Depending on the layout of your property, the contractor may also suggest channel or French drain installations. 

Does Your Lawn Require Grading?

A slope may not be visibly apparent. However, you may be able to feel the uneven ground by standing on certain parts of the lawn. You can also inspect the exterior after heavy rain. Are there water puddles forming around the perimeter of the home? If so, grading may be in order.

We Do Residential Grading Near Burien

Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for an in-person evaluation. Upon surveying your land, our contractor will determine whether landscape grading for your Burien property is required before further renovation work can be done. 

Residential Landscape Grading Experts Near Burien

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Why Excavate Your Lawn in West Seattle?

lawn excavation West SeattleMost homeowners can make small changes to the lawn without professional assistance. This may include minor modifications like rearranging the patio furniture. However, more extensive renovations may require lawn excavation. Find out what types of projects require excavation work.

Altering Lawn Shape

You will require excavation if you need to change the lawn’s height. Some homeowners may have a sloped landscape and desire a flat lawn. For other homeowners, having a slope adds depth and more creative decorative schemes. Having a slope may also be functionally beneficial, as it allows water to naturally flow away from the home foundation and prevents water ponding.

Incorporating Decorative Elements

Excavating can make way for some lavish designs, such as rockeries like waterfalls and stone retaining walls. You can also create a beautiful landscape for additions like a fenced-in garden. Excavation can also be done to refit the ground with better soil quality that’s less compact and more resistant to adverse weather and pests.

Protecting the Foundation

As mentioned earlier, excavation can create a sloped landscape that draws water away from the foundation. This deserves a second mention because water ponding around the home is the number one cause of foundation erosion. Water causes the soil to expand and contract, in turn causing the foundation to shift and eventually split apart. Water can also cause other concrete floors around the lawn to crack.

Increasing Property Value

Excavation can restore certain areas with visible signs of damage. This can increase the property’s value should you decide to put the home on the market. A real estate agent may require minor excavation work, so necessary systems like a sprinkler and irrigation system can be installed. 

Lawn Excavation for Residential Property in West Seattle

Have an exterior renovation plan in mind? The plan may require lawn excavation work. In this case, leave it to Eagle Rock Landscaping to renovate your outdoor property with new additions that enhance curb appeal.

Residential Lawn Excavation in West Seattle

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Improve Curb Appeal with Hardscaping Renovations in Seattle

hardscaping renovations SeattleYou have probably heard of landscaping. This is the process of renovating your yard or patio. You can also improve these outdoor areas through hardscaping renovations. This is something more homeowners in Seattle are gravitating towards. What is hardscaping and how does this enhance your home exterior?

What Is Hardscaping?

Landscaping and hardscaping are similar, and there are definitely overlaps. Here’s the difference: hardscaping pertains to any non-living components of a landscaping project. This includes elements like wooden decks, rails, stone fountains, retainer walls, and rockeries. It does not include bio-elements like grass and shrubbery.

Hardscaping renovations can also include makeovers of areas like the front porch or driveway. More homeowners are considering concrete or deck projects in these areas of the property. The reason for the trend is that most hardscaping elements are easier to maintain. They don’t require watering, for example.

Is DIY Hardscaping Doable?

Some homeowners may be tempted to perform their own hardscaping projects. However, keep in mind the majority of major renovation work requires professional installation. Most projects require extensive excavation and other preparation work that require commercial tools and industry expertise.

If you really wish to try your hand at outdoor DIY projects, there is some light remodeling work you can do. Examples include adding patio furniture. Other ways include:

  • Pouring gravel or mulch to cover bare soil
  • Resurfacing existing brickwork
  • Incorporating ground-level lighting fixtures

Contact Us for Hardscaping Renovations in Seattle

Is your home exterior due for a makeover? It’s time to contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for a consultation. We have performed countless hardscaping renovations for residences and commercial establishments all over Seattle. Find out how we can improve the visual aspects of your property. 

Residential Hardscaping Renovations in Seattle

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Best Landscaping Trends for Burien Homeowners

best landscaping burien

Whether you’ve never had your property professionally landscaped or are seeking a refresh to sell or fall in love with your home all over again, discover today’s best landscaping trends. Because these ideas are so versatile, it’s easy to adapt them to your preferences and the unique features of your property.

Plant Native Vegetation

By focusing on using plants that are native to the area, you’re more likely to have trees, flowers, and shrubs that thrive while requiring fewer resources, since they are naturally attuned to the growing conditions. These plants may also attract and support the local ecosystem, including bees. 

Include Edible Plants and Flowers

Enjoy beauty and functionality by landscaping with fruits and vegetables. You’ll also get the benefit of an improved diet that showcases your home-grown harvest. If you’d rather keep your garden separate from the rest of your property, your landscaper can help install a path or hardscaping features to differentiate it.

Plan for Changing Growing Conditions

Whether your area is getting more or less precipitation and warmer or cooler temperatures than in years past, tailoring your landscaping to these changes ensures your plantings can withstand them. Talk to your local landscaper about ways to enhance your property that are less dependent on high-maintenance care, such as rock gardens. 

Ready to Call the Best Landscaping Services in Burien for Help?

Eagle Rock Landscaping is a local company with extensive experience in residential and commercial landscaping projects of all sizes. Because we own all of our equipment and tools, we’re ready to design, install and even repair structures like retaining walls. Our customers enjoy creative designs that accentuate your home’s best features while mitigating problems such as drainage using rockeries, concrete, excavation and grading solutions. Contact us today for an appointment with the best landscaping services for local homeowners. 

Best Landscaping Team for Maximum Curb Appeal in Burien

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Need Retaining Wall Ideas? Call An Expert Landscaper Serving Kent

retaining wall ideas kent

Whether you need a retaining structure on your property to control erosion or offer additional space for planting trees, flowers and shrubs to adorn your home or business, the best kind starts with great ideas. And the greatest ideas come from an experienced landscaping team. Find out why your landscaper is the first one you should call for retaining wall ideas

You Need Stability

Erosion’s effects on soil are in part due to what’s in the soil, so some areas will lose dirt quicker than others. Working with a knowledgeable landscaper who can properly evaluate your site gives you insight into how stable the slope is and what kind of rocks, concrete or other materials are most appropriate to hold it back. 

You Need It to Look Nice

No matter how much you need a retaining wall, you don’t want an eyesore. Landscapers’ help is especially valuable for a project like this one because they will solve property-related problems with beautiful solutions, such as flagstones or concrete blocks, depending on your existing outdoor style. 

You Need It to Last

Above all, a retaining feature needs to last a long time. A skilled landscaper has the tools and materials to craft a wall that is well-made and sturdy for years to come. You’ll also get informed advice about what to plant behind the retaining wall to avoid jeopardizing its integrity.

Ready For Help With Retaining Wall Ideas in Kent?

Eagle Rock Landscaping has years of experience working with property owners to design, install and repair exciting and attractive retaining structures. Our services include rockeries, concrete, excavation and grading solutions to overcome even your biggest landscaping challenges. And because we own our equipment and tools, you can be assured that your project will be completed on time and affordably. When you need retaining wall ideas, contact us for prompt service. 

Creative Retaining Wall Ideas with Reliable Execution in Kent

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Find the Ideal Seattle Landscaper for Your Home or Business

Seattle landscaper seattle

An attractive exterior is the best welcome you could offer your guests, visitors or customers. Homeowners and business owners alike may benefit from finding a skilled and reliable Seattle landscaper. Not only does this valuable service free up your time, but having someone knowledgeable about the best plants for the growing conditions of your property ensures maximum curb appeal year-round. Here’s how to identify a qualified candidate.


A good starting point is talking to friends, family or acquaintances who already use a landscaping service. You’re likely to get several suggestions for companies that come with glowing praise, as well as one or two that come with a word of caution.

Professional Credentials

A landscaper who takes their chosen career field seriously has the training and background necessary to offer clients knowledgeable service. Continuing education and industry or professional memberships suggest commitment, integrity and skill. They’re also a sign that the company you hire can handle anything from leveling to planning and installation of water features.

Customized Service

Perhaps you enjoy cutting the grass yourself but want assistance with lawn treatments, pruning and mulching the flower beds; or maybe seasonal clean-up four times a year is all you want. As you interview possible landscaping companies for your home or business, determine whether they offer customized services for a great fit with your needs. 

Discover the Benefits of Hiring a Seattle Landscaper to Beautify Your Property

Eagle Rock Landscaping has decades of experience in serving local businesses and homeowners with high-quality work that includes rockeries, concrete and excavation in service to your landscaping needs. From trees, shrubs and sod to patios and walkways, our clients enjoy premium materials installed by a licensed, bonded and insured landscaping team. When you’re ready to refresh or renew your property, contact us for Seattle landscaper services you can trust.

Expert Seattle Landscaper for Distinctive Properties

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Get Expert Landscaping Solutions for Your Home in Kent

landscaping solutions kent

Even if you love your home, the surrounding outdoor space may not measure up to your vision. Professional assistance is the most reliable way to find landscaping solutions that improve the appearance and enjoyment of your property. If one of these concerns is familiar to you, it may be time to call an expert for guidance.

Create a Welcoming Outdoor Living Space

Showers, weddings, anniversary parties and milestone birthdays are lovely opportunities for friends and family to gather outdoors. But if your backyard isn’t attractive, it may detract from the mood of your event. Expert assistance with plantings, patios, rockeries and water features transforms your backyard into a beautiful space for entertaining.

Minimize Drainage and Erosion Concerns

Whether it’s standing water or flooding, it’s too much of a good thing if the drainage around your property isn’t sufficient to keep up with an ordinary rainfall. Excavation and grading improve drainage while erecting rock walls may help reduce erosion and basement flooding.

Increase Your Privacy

Your home is your oasis, and if there’s not enough of a barrier from busy roads, noisy neighbors or other visual and auditory disruptions, you’ll never get the rest and relaxation you’re entitled to as the owner of your own property. A team of experienced landscapers has the solution with gently bubbling water features or the strategic planting of trees and shrubs.

Increase the Beauty and Value of Your Home with Landscaping Solutions in Kent

Eagle Rock Landscaping offers homeowners the highest standards of professionalism and service. We consider your needs as well as your preferences to craft a tailored approach to enhancing your property for years of comfort and pleasure, and we have the tools and expertise to carry out those plans with precision. Whether you need excavation, grading, new plantings, stamped concrete, rockeries or water features, we have the ideal landscaping solutions for you, so contact us today. 

Creative Landscaping Solutions for Kent Homeowners

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The Benefits of Calling a Professional Landscaper for Your Burien Home

professional landscaper burienNo matter how well-kept your home is, if the property surrounding it isn’t as polished, your house can’t reach its full potential. Landscaping is a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of your home, and today’s multitude of options such as rockeries and fountains give you countless ways to make your personal mark on your property. Discover why improving your property through the work of a professional landscaper is so valuable.

Make It Fully Usable

Perhaps your lot has features that cut into the space you have available for amenities like a deck, pool or play area, such as steep slopes. An expert will help you develop a plan to resolve problems like grade and drainage concerns while increasing the square footage you have for relaxing, entertaining and family enjoyment.

Boost Your Property Value

A home with exterior features that support easy and convenient living is more likely to get a good price when you want to sell. Add trees and plants to reduce noise and increase privacy, or excavate to build out a concrete staircase or patio for easier accessibility. These improvements offer your prospective buyers more than just a building and land: they offer a better quality of life. Your local pros will have lots of great ideas.

It’s a Good Return on Your Investment

Small changes that cost comparatively little, such as choosing stamped concrete, can give you a dramatic change without breaking your budget. Other expert solutions may resolve practical problems that threaten your home’s foundation, such as poor drainage, while also making your surrounding property more beautiful. In general, you can expect to get a lot more value out of your landscaped property than you put into it.

Do You Need a Professional Landscaper in Burien?

Eagle Rock Landscaping has decades of experience in serving local homeowners and businesses. We are dedicated to providing you with budget-conscious design and installation services that are truly customized for your needs and your unique property concerns. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level with the assistance of a professional landscaper, contact us for a free consultation today.


Hire a Professional Landscaper to Transform Your Property Dreams into Reality in Burien

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Benefits of Water Features for Your Des Moines Home Landscaping Project

water features des moinesWhile a birdbath or small pond may be the first idea you have when you think about landscaping and water features, there are actually several ways to incorporate this kind of asset into your plans. From waterfalls to fountains, the benefits of water features can transform your property.

Increase the Peace

For many people, the sound of moving water is soothing, so adding a fountain or waterfall to your property may do more for you than just look pretty. If a fountain isn’t feasible, excavating for ponds or other still water features may also be calming.

Overcome Nearby Noise

Landscaping elements such as a waterfall spilling over rocks or poured concrete surfaces into a small pool can drown out the sound of a busy intersection nearby and create an oasis in your yard. It can also minimize the noise you hear from loud neighbors whether you live in a residential area or one that’s near commercial properties.

Improve Curb Appeal

Water features deliver a dynamic element to your landscaping and hardscaping designs. They elevate the appearance of your home’s exterior and add luxury. They may also expand your options for increasing the plants and flowers in your yard. For some property owners, water features may increase property value, too.

Are You Interested in Water Features for Your Home in Des Moines?

Eagle Rock Landscaping offers clients a wide range of services to beautify your home’s exterior as well as multiple ways to improve access. From concrete for patios and staircases to rockeries and retaining walls, our expert team uses only the latest equipment to install the landscaping and hardscaping designs to enhance your property. Contact us today and discover how a water feature can improve your overall enjoyment of your property and serve as a great long-term investment, too.


Water Features Designed and Installed with Precision in Des Moines

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Why Professional Grading is So Important for Your West Seattle Property

Grading west seattleHaving a piece of land that’s level or sloped at a desired angle offers multiple benefits for you as a property owner. Hiring a professional to carry out this work–whether your land is already relatively flat or major excavation is needed–ensures the leveling is accurate, appropriate and stable. Here’s why proper grading is so important.

Prevent Water Intrusion

When the land around your structure is sloped away from your building, it reduces the chances you’ll find water from heavy rains seeping into your basement or crawl space. Instead, that water drains in the opposite direction, providing your home or business with some protection from flooding.

Provide a Great Foundation for Landscaping Work

An appropriately graded surface is vital to the stability of hardscaping like retaining walls and water features. It also allows for proper drainage for trees, plants, shrubs and other landscaped additions to your yard, keeping them in good health for years to come.

Improve Curb Appeal

Grading can provide symmetry for your home or business’s landscape design. It can also be a useful solution to help shield your property from traffic or neighbors.

Are You Considering Grading Your Lot in West Seattle?

Eagle Rock Landscaping delivers precision landscaping and hardscaping services for residential and commercial properties in the Greater Seattle Area. Count on us to install beautiful and functional rockeries, patios, outdoor stairs and river beds accented by trees, shrubs and new sod. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to creative and efficient work that enhances the appearance and function of your outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of grading.


Expert Grading Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in West Seattle

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