Retaining Wall Repair or Replacement in North Seattle?

retaining wall repair or replacement near North SeattleYour retaining wall may show signs of wear and tear. You suspect repairs may be needed. However, it may cross your mind that the damage is beyond repair, and a complete replacement is in order. This leaves you with the question: retaining wall repair or replacement for my North Seattle residence? Learn when each scenario is the best option.

When Repair Is Best

The signs that indicate you need repairs vary depending on the retaining wall material. if it composes mainly of concrete, then signs include visible cracks and crumbling. The same applies to retaining walls made of brick or rockery. There may also be slight leaning, an indicator that the wall is gradually losing its structural support. If you have timber retaining walls, then signs of damage include warping and boring holes from termites. 

When Replacement Is Best

There are instances when the retaining wall is worn beyond what any repair can reasonably fix. A telltale sign is excessive leaning. A section of the wall looks like it could completely crumble at any moment.

Damage from Trees

Retaining walls can also become damaged from protruding tree roots. In this instance, the wall may need to be replaced, but not before the tree is uprooted by a professional arborist. It’s possible some excavation work may be required.

Need Retaining Wall Repair or Replacement Near North Seattle?

Whether you need retaining wall repair or replacement for your Seattle home, that’s ultimately for a professional contractor to decide. Contact the team at Eagle Rock Landscaping for a consultation. An in-person inspection will determine the best course of action.

Require Retaining Wall Repair or Replacement Near North Seattle? We Perform Both Services

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Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repair in Seattle

retaining wall repair in Seattle

Retaining walls contribute vastly to the landscape’s overall beauty and aesthetic quality. Nevertheless, these features do wear with age. Damaged walls are also less effective at holding the soil and preventing sinkholes. Here are the top signs that your landscape requires retaining wall repair in Seattle.

1. Cracks

Do you notice cracks in the stone that wasn’t there previously? Aside from being a visual eyesore, cracks also mean the stones are at risk of completely fracturing. Cracks that linger may eventually cause the entire wall to collapse. At this point, you’ll need an expensive replacement. It’s almost always more cost-effective to repair an existing retaining wall than to install a new one.

2. Leaning

Do you notice the retaining walls are no longer perfectly upright and are leaning slightly forward? This can be due to several factors, such as water damage or partial collapse. Repair work in this instance will require a technician to stabilize the soil to keep the remainder of the wall in place.

3. Seeping Water

Do you notice droplets of water seeping through the walls? A technician will need to seal the openings and address existing drainage issues. An easy and relatively inexpensive fix is to install drainage pipes to shuttle the water away, or to install a waterproof membrane. The former may require light excavation work.

4. Loose Slabs or Stone 

You may notice individual stones, bricks, or pieces of rockery coming loose or protruding outward. Even just a few bricks coming loose can cause serious stability problems, especially if the loose stones are towards the bottom of the masonry work.

Leave the Retaining Wall Repair to Us

Retaining wall repair in Seattle requires professional intervention. Entrust this industry task to the pros at Eagle Rock Landscaping. We begin our work with a thorough consultation with our clients, followed by a close-up examination of the condition of your retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Repairs from the Experts in Seattle

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Boost Your Outdoor Area with These Retaining Wall Benefits in Seattle

retaining wall benefits seattleRetaining walls have a nice aesthetic quality, especially when they’re made from stone or other natural materials. The advantages, however, extend beyond the curve appeal. The retaining wall benefits from a functional perspective are also worth highlighting. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits in more detail.

Flood Control

Seattle gets moderate rainfall year-round. However, once in a while, the rain spells are powerful enough to cause flooding, in turn causing concrete walkways to crack and soil to erode. If you lack a tree in your yard, this can even be more problematic since tree roots help keep the soil in place. Retaining walls with some strategic excavation work and a built-in drainage system are an excellent way to prevent water from ponding in vulnerable areas. 

Optimize Landscape Space

Retaining walls give you more ways to use your yard to full capacity. For instance, you can use the walls to form terraces for planting flowers. You can also use the top part of the wall as a makeshift garden bed. For larger lawns, retaining walls may serve as dividers that separate different parts of the property (e.g. separating the cooking area from the gathering/socializing area).

Provide a Boundary Marker

Even if you have a fence, retaining walls may further mark the perimeter between your property and public space. Unless you already have a fully-private fence, retaining walls can greatly improve privacy and prevent curious onlookers. 

Note: Are you part of a homeowner’s association? You may have to get written consent from the management before you’re allowed to install retaining walls on your residence.

Make Use of These Retaining Wall Benefits in Seattle

These retaining wall benefits enhance your property from a functional and visual perspective. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping to seize the advantages of modern landscaping. Our rockeries and masonries will make your home an eye-turner for neighbors and pedestrians alike.

Retaining Wall Benefits for Your Seattle Home

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Boost Curb Appeal with Hardscape Water Features Near Renton

landscape water features rentonYou cannot deny the natural appeal of water. This is something you can incorporate into your own outdoor area. The following are hardscape water features that are trending and in demand for homes near Renton.

Why Water Features Are Appealing

Apart from the visual charm, there are other elements that make water very appealing. For one, the sound of flowing water from a fountain or stream is very soothing and relaxing. It’s amazingly therapeutic and can calm the mind after a tiresome day. The presence of a water feature can also be a major selling point if selling your property. 

Let’s look at some of the popular styles of available water features.


For larger homes, you can install a natural body of water like a waterfall. You can take it a step further with the addition of fish like those in a koi pond. With some added rockeries, the scene can really take on a natural ambiance. Keep in mind that a stream or waterfall feature will require the installation of a pump. Some excavation work may be required as well.

Wall Fountains 

Wall fountains usually consist of a vertical design meant for outdoor spots with minimal space. As implied in the name, the fountain is built into a wall. The water is cycled using a pump, with the water shuttling into an overhead spout and pouring into a container pond. A large concrete bowl is a popular container type.

Container Ponds

Container ponds are a cost-effective style. The container can be a simple and low-cost element, such as a terra-cotta pot or a wine barrel. A pump isn’t required but is recommended for water filtration. Without a pump, you’ll have to change the water manually.

We Install Hardscape Water Features Near Renton

Hardscape water features can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for a consultation on how we can boost your lawn’s visuals and overall vibe.

Hardscape Water Features Near Renton

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Hardscape Lighting Ideas for your Des Moines Property

landscape lighting des moinesCurb appeal is a substantial portion of your property’s value and charm. When the sun goes down, though, the visuals are concealed by darkness. This is where hardscape lighting enters the fray. Aside from keeping the exterior area visible, it also provides safety for occupants and guests entering and exiting the premises. The following are some viable lighting solutions.

1. Wall Washing

Wall washing is a technique in which lights are used to light walls and pivotal features, making them the focal points. This is a great strategy if you have masonry and rockeries you want to really stand out in the night hours.

2. In-Ground Lighting

In-ground lighting is an alternative to floodlights. Floodlights brighten nearly the entire area and can take away from the allure of pertinent features you want as focal points. In-ground lighting is more subtle, and you can use multiple fixtures to light concrete walkways or other features you wish to highlight.

3. Solar Lamps

Solar lamps have the clear advantage of not adding significantly to your electric bill. These lights softly illuminate during the evening without you having to switch them on and off. Solar lamps are available in varying styles, from lamp poles to exterior chandeliers. 

4. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights hang from the roof eaves. We recommend steering away from conventional interior pendant lights and aiming for nature-based materials, such as rattan or burled wood. 

5. Hurricane Candles

Hurricane candles are traditional candles enclosed inside a glass case to safeguard the flame from the wind. This provides a warm and intimate ambiance.

Incorporate Hardscape Lighting into Your Des Moines Home

When the sun sets, light up the exterior of your property just as you would the interior. Call Eagle Rock Landscaping for a range of exterior remodeling services, including excavation and hardscape lighting. Get in touch today for an initial consultation.

Hardscape Lighting Renovations for Your Des Moines Home

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Ideas for a Multi-Level Yard Near Burien

multi-level yard burienA way to enhance your lawn that’s often overlooked is to incorporate multi-tiered walls and terraces. You can do this with a bit of hardscaping and adding several retaining walls or rockeries. Consider how a multi-level yard near Burien can enhance your property’s exterior curb appeal.

Tips Before Building

Before starting this renovation, check your local city regulations. Some jurisdictions may require a permit if you’re adding levels to the exterior part of your residence. The same applies if your home is part of a homeowner’s association. Any expansion should also be away from tree roots, pipes, and telephone lines.

Two-Level Deck

If you add a second deck level, it should be low enough that you can access it from a three-step staircase. The first floor can be a social hub spot with the placement of the main furniture. The upper area can be the food prep section with an outdoor kitchen, grill, and smoker. 

Raised Garden Beds

Another good idea is to add retaining walls with a built-in garden bed. This is where you can really exercise your creative juices and experiment with different plants and flowers. Mix and match to find a combination that’s to your personal liking. With a little excavation work, you can add multiple levels, with each level separated by a raised garden bed.

Secluded Patio

Slope your yard so it grades downward with the center of the section being the lowest point. Make this spot the focal point by adding mainstay patio accessories. This gives the space a warm vibe that exudes quiet solitude.

We Help You Create a Multi-Level Yard Near Burien

There are a plethora of options and combinations that include retaining walls, concrete, and masonry work. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for outdoor makeovers. A multi-level yard is one way to add tremendous curb appeal and make the area a head-turner.

Hardscaping for a Multi-Level Yard Near Burien

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Beautify Your Home with Stamped Concrete in West Seattle

stamped concrete west seattleIs your exterior property long due for a renovation? If the lawn or patio can use a makeover, then a good solution is the installation of stamped concrete for walkways. Learn what makes this such a beneficial flooring style for outdoor areas. 

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is not unlike standard concrete floor. The main difference, though, lies in the aesthetics. Whereas typical concrete floors are flat, stamped concrete contains imprints and various other design patterns. They may take on the appearance of stone, brick, or slate to list a few. Stamped concrete adds enormous curb appeal to patios with existing furnishings and rockeries.

Design Options

With a plethora of options, find a style that complements your house exterior or gives it some much-needed contrast. If the home has cedar siding, for instance, then a stamped concrete floor with a wood-grain texture design may be a good option. High-in-demand options include slate, fieldstone, and cobblestone.  You can also select between joint and no-joint patterns. As for colors, homeowners tend to aim for earthy colors like terra cotta.

Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete

This concrete type has a cosmetic appeal similar to brick but at a more affordable cost. It’s known for its durability and slip-resistant properties.

Stamped concrete, however, has some disadvantages as well. Some homeowners have reported small cracks developing within a few years. You may also need to seal the surface to prevent water from seeping in. Untreated concrete can be just as porous as wood.

We Install Stamped Concrete in West Seattle

We perform various outdoor remodeling work, including full lawn excavation and grading. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for stamped concrete installation and explore other methods for upgrading your landscape.

Stamped Concrete Installation for Patios and Driveways in West Seattle

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Hardscape Grading Near Burien: Does Your Yard Need It?

landscape grading BurienMost homeowners considering an exterior renovation are probably unfamiliar with landscape grading. However, this may be an essential service that optimizes lawn and home health. Learn how grading works and why you should consider it as part of a greater property renovation. 

What Is Landscape Grading Near Burien?

Grading is the process of re-leveling a parcel of land. This is usually necessary if the home rests on the low end of a slope. The problem here is that water from rain flows down the slope and rests on your home foundation. Over time, this causes the soil to repeatedly contract and expand, in turn causing the foundation to shift. Eventually, the foundation cracks and splits apart. Water puddling can also damage concrete surfaces. 

Grading levels the surface so water isn’t directed towards the house. Some landscapers may recommend or require grading before other services like rockery installation can be done.

How Grading Works

Light excavation is done to remove the topsoil. The soil beneath is graded to even out the surface. Before reinstalling the topsoil, landscapers may perform additional work, such as adding irrigation systems or geogrids. Depending on the layout of your property, the contractor may also suggest channel or French drain installations. 

Does Your Lawn Require Grading?

A slope may not be visibly apparent. However, you may be able to feel the uneven ground by standing on certain parts of the lawn. You can also inspect the exterior after heavy rain. Are there water puddles forming around the perimeter of the home? If so, grading may be in order.

We Do Residential Grading Near Burien

Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for an in-person evaluation. Upon surveying your land, our contractor will determine whether landscape grading for your Burien property is required before further renovation work can be done. 

Residential Landscape Grading Experts Near Burien

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Why Excavate Your Lawn in West Seattle?

lawn excavation West SeattleMost homeowners can make small changes to the lawn without professional assistance. This may include minor modifications like rearranging the patio furniture. However, more extensive renovations may require lawn excavation. Find out what types of projects require excavation work.

Altering Lawn Shape

You will require excavation if you need to change the lawn’s height. Some homeowners may have a sloped landscape and desire a flat lawn. For other homeowners, having a slope adds depth and more creative decorative schemes. Having a slope may also be functionally beneficial, as it allows water to naturally flow away from the home foundation and prevents water ponding.

Incorporating Decorative Elements

Excavating can make way for some lavish designs, such as rockeries like waterfalls and stone retaining walls. You can also create a beautiful landscape for additions like a fenced-in garden. Excavation can also be done to refit the ground with better soil quality that’s less compact and more resistant to adverse weather and pests.

Protecting the Foundation

As mentioned earlier, excavation can create a sloped landscape that draws water away from the foundation. This deserves a second mention because water ponding around the home is the number one cause of foundation erosion. Water causes the soil to expand and contract, in turn causing the foundation to shift and eventually split apart. Water can also cause other concrete floors around the lawn to crack.

Increasing Property Value

Excavation can restore certain areas with visible signs of damage. This can increase the property’s value should you decide to put the home on the market. A real estate agent may require minor excavation work, so necessary systems like a sprinkler and irrigation system can be installed. 

Lawn Excavation for Residential Property in West Seattle

Have an exterior renovation plan in mind? The plan may require lawn excavation work. In this case, leave it to Eagle Rock Landscaping to renovate your outdoor property with new additions that enhance curb appeal.

Residential Lawn Excavation in West Seattle

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Improve Curb Appeal with Hardscaping Renovations in Seattle

hardscaping renovations SeattleYou have probably heard of landscaping. This is the process of renovating your yard or patio. You can also improve these outdoor areas through hardscaping renovations. This is something more homeowners in Seattle are gravitating towards. What is hardscaping and how does this enhance your home exterior?

What Is Hardscaping?

Landscaping and hardscaping are similar, and there are definitely overlaps. Here’s the difference: hardscaping pertains to any non-living components of a landscaping project. This includes elements like wooden decks, rails, stone fountains, retainer walls, and rockeries. It does not include bio-elements like grass and shrubbery.

Hardscaping renovations can also include makeovers of areas like the front porch or driveway. More homeowners are considering concrete or deck projects in these areas of the property. The reason for the trend is that most hardscaping elements are easier to maintain. They don’t require watering, for example.

Is DIY Hardscaping Doable?

Some homeowners may be tempted to perform their own hardscaping projects. However, keep in mind the majority of major renovation work requires professional installation. Most projects require extensive excavation and other preparation work that require commercial tools and industry expertise.

If you really wish to try your hand at outdoor DIY projects, there is some light remodeling work you can do. Examples include adding patio furniture. Other ways include:

  • Pouring gravel or mulch to cover bare soil
  • Resurfacing existing brickwork
  • Incorporating ground-level lighting fixtures

Contact Us for Hardscaping Renovations in Seattle

Is your home exterior due for a makeover? It’s time to contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for a consultation. We have performed countless hardscaping renovations for residences and commercial establishments all over Seattle. Find out how we can improve the visual aspects of your property. 

Residential Hardscaping Renovations in Seattle

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