Ideas for a Multi-Level Yard Near Burien

Ideas for a Multi-Level Yard Near Burien

Excellent Multi-Level Yard Builds in the Greater Seattle Area

Curb appeal is a substantial portion of your property’s value and charm. When the sun goes down, though, the visuals are concealed by darkness. This is where hardscape lighting enters the fray. Aside from keeping the exterior area visible, it also provides safety for occupants and guests entering and exiting the premises. The following are some viable lighting solutions.

Tips Before Building

Before starting this renovation, check your local city regulations. Some jurisdictions may require a permit if you’re adding levels to the exterior part of your residence. The same applies if your home is part of a homeowner’s association. Any expansion should also be away from tree roots, pipes, and telephone lines.

Two-Level Deck

If you add a second deck level, it should be low enough that you can access it from a three-step staircase. The first floor can be a social hub spot with the placement of the main furniture. The upper area can be the food prep section with an outdoor kitchen, grill, and smoker.

Raised Garden Beds

Another good idea is to add retaining walls with a built-in garden bed. This is where you can really exercise your creative juices and experiment with different plants and flowers. Mix and match to find a combination that’s to your personal liking. With a little excavation work, you can add multiple levels, with each level separated by a raised garden bed.

Secluded Patio

Slope your yard so it grades downward with the center of the section being the lowest point. Make this spot the focal point by adding mainstay patio accessories. This gives the space a warm vibe that exudes quiet solitude.

5. Hurricane Candles

Hurricane candles are traditional candles enclosed inside a glass case to safeguard the flame from the wind. This provides a warm and intimate ambiance.

We Help You Create a Multi-Level Yard Near Buriene

There are a plethora of options and combinations that include retaining walls, concrete, and masonry work. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for outdoor makeovers. A multi-level yard is one way to add tremendous curb appeal and make the area a head-turner.

Hardscaping for a Multi-Level Yard Near Burien

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