Professional Excavation in West Seattle: Why Excavation Isn’t a DIY Project

Professional Excavation in West Seattle: Why Excavation Isn’t a DIY Project

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If you have an upcoming lawn makeover, some excavation may be needed. You may contemplate whether you can do the work yourself by getting some shovels and gathering some friends for help. Certainly, it’ll require some physical labor but otherwise shouldn’t be that hard, right? Actually, the job is far more complex and requires professional excavation. Find out why.

1. Rocky Soil

Sure, the soil may seem soft and easy to dig. However, after the first several inches comes harder material. Soil is composed of layers. After the uppermost topsoil comes more rocky elements. It’s also possible the soil is mainly sand and will continuously collapse back in place as you dig.

2. Professional Landscapers Have the Right Tools

Not all excavation work can be done through physical labor and with a shovel. Professional excavators use commercial tools like trenchers and mini excavators. A trencher can dig very narrow and dimension-specific trenches. This is needed for projects like installing pipes and irrigators, or replacing soil surfaces with concrete floors.

3. Reduce the Risk of Property Damage

It’s not just soil and other natural elements beneath the grass. There may be other man-made objects, such as telephone wires and utility lines that you could risk damaging. If you rent commercial equipment like a bobcat, for instance, you risk hitting objects like your fence, retaining wall, or rockery.

4. Insurance

Going off of the last point, whatever you just damaged is going to cost a lot of money to repair. Do you have insurance to cover the cost? Professional excavation companies have insurance for scenarios like this.

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Do you have a major lawn renovation planned? Begin by contacting Eagle Rock Landscaping. Depending on the project, some digging may be warranted. Our professional excavation team can do the job to industry standards using the latest commercial equipment.

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