Boost Curb Appeal with Hardscape Water Features Near Renton

Boost Curb Appeal with Hardscape Water Features Near Renton

Excellent Hardscape Water Feaatures in the Greater Seattle Area

You cannot deny the natural appeal of water. This is something you can incorporate into your own outdoor area. The following are hardscape water features that are trending and in demand for homes near Renton.

Why Water Features Are Appealing

Apart from the visual charm, there are other elements that make water very appealing. For one, the sound of flowing water from a fountain or stream is very soothing and relaxing. It’s amazingly therapeutic and can calm the mind after a tiresome day. The presence of a water feature can also be a major selling point if selling your property.

Let’s look at some of the popular styles of available water features.


For larger homes, you can install a natural body of water like a waterfall. You can take it a step further with the addition of fish like those in a koi pond. With some added rockeries, the scene can really take on a natural ambiance. Keep in mind that a stream or waterfall feature will require the installation of a pump. Some excavation work may be required as well.

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains usually consist of a vertical design meant for outdoor spots with minimal space. As implied in the name, the fountain is built into a wall. The water is cycled using a pump, with the water shuttling into an overhead spout and pouring into a container pond. A large concrete bowl is a popular container type.

Container Ponds

Container ponds are a cost-effective style. The container can be a simple and low-cost element, such as a terra-cotta pot or a wine barrel. A pump isn’t required but is recommended for water filtration. Without a pump, you’ll have to change the water manually.

We Install Hardscape Water Features Near Renton

Hardscape water features can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping for a consultation on how we can boost your lawn’s visuals and overall vibe.

Hardscape Water Features Near Renton

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