Boost Your Outdoor Area with These Retaining Wall Benefits in Seattle

Boost Your Outdoor Area with These Retaining Wall Benefits in Seattle

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Retaining walls have a nice aesthetic quality, especially when they’re made from stone or other natural materials. The advantages, however, extend beyond the curve appeal. The retaining wall benefits from a functional perspective are also worth highlighting. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits in more detail.

Flood Control

Seattle gets moderate rainfall year-round. However, once in a while, the rain spells are powerful enough to cause flooding, in turn causing concrete walkways to crack and soil to erode. If you lack a tree in your yard, this can even be more problematic since tree roots help keep the soil in place. Retaining walls with some strategic excavation work and a built-in drainage system are an excellent way to prevent water from ponding in vulnerable areas.

Optimize Landscape Space

Retaining walls give you more ways to use your yard to full capacity. For instance, you can use the walls to form terraces for planting flowers. You can also use the top part of the wall as a makeshift garden bed. For larger lawns, retaining walls may serve as dividers that separate different parts of the property (e.g. separating the cooking area from the gathering/socializing area).

Provide a Boundary Marker

Even if you have a fence, retaining walls may further mark the perimeter between your property and public space. Unless you already have a fully-private fence, retaining walls can greatly improve privacy and prevent curious onlookers.

Note: Are you part of a homeowner’s association? You may have to get written consent from the management before you’re allowed to install retaining walls on your residence.

Make Use of These Retaining Wall Benefits in Seattle

These retaining wall benefits enhance your property from a functional and visual perspective. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping to seize the advantages of modern landscaping. Our rockeries and masonries will make your home an eye-turner for neighbors and pedestrians alike.

Retaining Wall Benefits for Your Seattle Home

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