Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repair in Seattle

Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repair in Seattle

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Retaining walls contribute vastly to the landscape’s overall beauty and aesthetic quality. Nevertheless, these features do wear with age. Damaged walls are also less effective at holding the soil and preventing sinkholes. Here are the top signs that your landscape requires retaining wall repair in Seattle.

1. Cracks

Do you notice cracks in the stone that wasn’t there previously? Aside from being a visual eyesore, cracks also mean the stones are at risk of completely fracturing. Cracks that linger may eventually cause the entire wall to collapse. At this point, you’ll need an expensive replacement. It’s almost always more cost-effective to repair an existing retaining wall than to install a new one.

2. Leaning

Do you notice the retaining walls are no longer perfectly upright and are leaning slightly forward? This can be due to several factors, such as water damage or partial collapse. Repair work in this instance will require a technician to stabilize the soil to keep the remainder of the wall in place.

3. Seeping Water

Do you notice droplets of water seeping through the walls? A technician will need to seal the openings and address existing drainage issues. An easy and relatively inexpensive fix is to install drainage pipes to shuttle the water away, or to install a waterproof membrane. The former may require light excavation work.

4. Loose Slabs or Stone

You may notice individual stones, bricks, or pieces of rockery coming loose or protruding outward. Even just a few bricks coming loose can cause serious stability problems, especially if the loose stones are towards the bottom of the masonry work.

Leave the Retaining Wall Repair to Us

Retaining wall repair in Seattle requires professional intervention. Entrust this industry task to the pros at Eagle Rock Landscaping. We begin our work with a thorough consultation with our clients, followed by a close-up examination of the condition of your retaining walls.

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