Should You Install Retaining Walls in Seattle? How This Can Be a Beneficial Investment

retaining-walls-in-seattleYou may have seen some homes around the neighborhood with a row of retaining walls. This outdoor fixture serves a multi-purpose. If your home has a rather sizable yard or lawn, then it may benefit from retaining walls in Seattle. Learn why installment may prove to be an advantageous investment.

Prevents Soil Erosion

When there’s heavy rainfall, the rainwater may wash away some of the soil. If your home is built on a cliff or even on a slightly elevated slope, then you can definitely benefit from retaining walls. The fixtures hold the soil in place and ensures even and distributed foliage growth.

Helps Direct Water Flow

When there’s prolonged rain, the walls act as barriers that channel water away from the main house. This prevents water from pooling around the foundation where it can cause damage. It also keeps water from pooling in the yard where it can oversaturate and be detrimental to your plants. Considering that Seattle can have prolonged rainfall at times, retaining walls may prove beneficial.

Adds Privacy

Retaining walls also act as a makeshift barrier that blocks the sight of onlookers or nosy neighbors. This can be especially beneficial if your property lacks a privacy fence, or a fence altogether. In addition, the walls can also partially block out noise. This is a huge benefit if you live adjacent to a busy street.

Adds a Visual Element

On the curb appeal front, retaining walls provide a staging ground for other decorative elements. Complement the walls with an assortment of décor like potted plants, flowers, fountains, and rockeries.

Need to Install Retaining Walls in Seattle?

Entrust Eagle Rock Landscaping for your outdoor renovation. We install various types of retaining walls in Seattle and also perform extensive excavation work. Leave it to us to give your lawn a much-needed makeover.

Rockeries and Retaining Walls in Seattle

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