What Are the Retaining Wall Uses in West Seattle?

retaining wall uses in West SeattleThe retaining wall uses are diverse and serve far more than just curb appeal for your lawn. More homeowners in West Seattle are investing in retaining wall installation to improve their outdoor living area. Learn what the walls can be used for and why they’re advantageous for better soil quality.

Soil Erosion Prevention

Soil can wash away from rain and erode in quality over the seasons. Retaining walls keep the soil in place, so no soil layer is lost. Soil erosion can lead to several issues, such as poor plant and shrubbery growth. Without the topsoil, plants receive inadequate nutrition, making them prone to disease and pests.

Soil Stability

Not all lawns have completely flat surfaces. Lawns with uneven terrain or slopes may cause soil to drift downwards naturally. Some homes undergo excavation work to add slopes, which can be a part of renovation work. With this makeover, retaining walls may be necessary to offset soil instability. 

Visual Appeal

Function aside, retaining walls are also quite visually appealing. They come in various stone types and shapes. The presence of the stones exudes an earthy vibe. Retaining walls go great with other outdoor features, such as patio furniture, fountains, and other rockeries. Depending on where the walls are positioned, they may even provide some degree of privacy.

Maximize Retaining Wall Uses in West Seattle

Are you a property owner in West Seattle? You may want to consider retaining wall installation as part of a lawn upgrade. The retaining wall uses are an integral part of landscaping care and maintaining healthy soil year-round. Contact Eagle Rock Landscaping today for a consultation on which retaining wall type is best.

Retaining Wall Uses for West Seattle Homeowners

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Benefits of a Rockery for Your Seattle Property

rockery benefits in SeattleMany homeowners are unfamiliar with rock gardens and rockeries in general. Contrary to belief, this isn’t a landscape composed of just rocks and devoid of plants. There is indeed heavy use of masonry like retaining walls and stone steps. While there are plants, they are limited to native and low-maintenance varieties. Learn of the many rockery benefits and how they can improve your Seattle residence.

Low Maintenance

Rock gardens require very little upkeep. This is great for homeowners with busy lives and lack the time for gardening chores like mowing and pruning. Most stone elements only require an occasional cleaning with a simple spray of a hose.

Great Visuals Year-Round

Rockeries retain their appearance regardless of the time of year. There’s no need to worry about the stone formations looking out of place in the frosty winter or the blistering heat of summer. 

Creates an Illusion of a Larger Space

Stones can be used strategically to create an illusion of a larger area in smaller lawns. The trick is to use larger stones where possible. Any gap in spaces can be filled with pebbles, crushed stone, or sand. This gives the area greater depth and makes smaller yards appear larger.

Diversify the Scenery

Stones don’t just come in the typical round grayish variety. On the contrary, there’s a wide gamut of stones you can apply to a diverse landscape. Use a combination of colored stones of varying sizes to create an appearance that matches your liking.

Amplify Your Yard with the Rockery Benefits in Seattle

There are endless ways you can renovate your lawn. Contact the team at Eagle Rock Landscaping for a consultation. We can incorporate rockeries, concrete, and even perform necessary excavation work to create a landscape that beautifies your outdoor area. 

Inquire About the Rockery Benefits in Seattle

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