3 Benefits of a Rock Garden in West Seattle

rock garden in West SeattleA way to make your lawn the envy of your neighbor is by adding a rock garden. Many homeowners have never contemplated this notion before. The advantages of a rock garden go beyond the visuals, though this factor is a major plus. Learn more about this hardscaping feature and how it can give your lawn a remodeling in a positive direction.


For a lot of homeowners, a rock garden provides a picturesque landscape that only needs occasional maintenance and some weeding. The use of concrete slabs also makes the garden more appealing, especially if the material is used as steps or a staging area for patio furniture.

Year-Round Appeal

Unlike a conventional garden, rockery retains its original look year-round even with the changing weather. There’s no need to be concerned about factors like seasonal flowers and shrubs. With rock gardens, there are also zero issues with falling leaves that need to be raked up and discarded. This minimizes the amount of yard work.

Provide Dramatic Curb Appeal

Using rocks and stones of varying sizes and colors can morph your outdoor property for the better. The rockery becomes the focal point that elicits the gaze of neighbors and those walking by. Lighting can also be used to highlight the rock features in the night hours.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Rock Garden in West Seattle

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Discover the Benefits of a Rock Garden

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