Make Your West Seattle Business Stand Out with Commercial Hardscaping Near Me

hardscaping near meWhen you own a business, it’s important to make a strong impression on your guests and clients. An exterior section consisting of hardscaping features really amplifies the cosmetic appeal. In turn, this can attract more customers who may otherwise take their business elsewhere. If you need services for hardscaping near me, here are the features we recommend for West Seattle business owners.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are more than just features for keeping the soil in place. With a strong design, the walls can be a major focal point in an outdoor section with ample rocky structures and greenery. Retaining walls are available in a plethora of designs. A consultant can make recommendations that complement your business and surroundings.


While some rockeries are purely decorative, others can be made into rock walls. These features may address typical landscaping problems like drainage concerns. They can also be implemented to give your property an illusion of being larger with higher dimensions and depth. Moreover, rockeries are highly sought after among businesses due to their low maintenance.

Concrete Hardscaping

Concrete elements like walkways provide personalization options. The vast selections include colored or stamped finishes that match your business’s building exterior. Alternatively, select between a broom or exposed aggregate finish for a slip-resistant surface. You’re also not limited to horizontal surfaces — concrete finishes can be a part of vertical surfaces.

Ready for Commercial Hardscaping Near Me?

Eagle Rock Landscaping has the industry expertise and tools to perform hardscaping projects on a business-level scale. Leave the commercial hardscaping remodeling to our crew of seasoned hardscapers. We’ll make the outdoor portion of the business a head-turner. Call us to schedule an appointment for a live consultation.

Creative Commercial Hardscaping Near Me

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